Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I wrote this after going to see my brother's blues band play at the Taste of Chicago as if I were up on stage (hoping they might actually put it to music for a song) It's all true! "Jesus" was in a full robe with sandals and had a snub-nosed cross - for ease in moving through the crowds, I guess. In any event, it was certainly a moment I'll never forget.

Jamming With Jesus

Let me tell you about a really strange story
I swear that the whole thing is true.
You better keep your eyes and ears open
In case this ever should happen to you.
We were halfway into our set list
When we stopped playing to take a short break,
He moved in from the left and was headed our way
We all took a full double-take.
It was hotter than hell on that Saturday
We had just played a gig in LaCrosse
The last thing we expected to see in this park
Was Jesus walking towards us with His cross.
We played that afternoon into the evening
Just before the light gave way to the dark.
Jesus walked over and sat down on a bench
And started jamming with us in Grant Park.
Have you ever had one of those moments?
Like a comment you wished you could take back
Well, the one that could send us away for a looong while
Was the Immaculate Contraption crack.
I started praying that we wouldn't blow this
Just in case it wasn't some kind of test.
Who'd of thought that we'd see our Judgement Day
At the Taste of Chicago Fest?
We started playing a song called 'Yo Momma'
It wasn't dedicated to His moms or anything.
It was a toe-tapping, knee-knockin shuffle
That would make anyone want to join in and sing.
Maybe He came to share one of his parables
About how much you risk when you choose.
And if you don't make your decisions wisely
You'll be living the 'Eternal Damnation Blues'.
We'll never know why Jesus came to see us
But we figured out the next place He would head.
As Jesus picked up His cross and moved to the Main Stage
To see the Go-Go's - whose careers also came back from the dead.

Interesting tale. I like the ambiguity. A freak or the real thing? Does it matter? How do we react when confronted with divinity?

I walked around my high school campus carrying a cross that had slots in it for pamplets as a young, energized "Jesus Freak" of the 70's.

Now I find that divinity does show up from time to time, and it is most unsettling.

Thank you for your post.
An interesting blog!
What drew my attention to it was the eloquence of your comment on waiters blog...
Going to study yours some more, even though my poor vision does not allow me pouring over a lot reading material...
That makes one rather selective about the stuff one reads...
So you see ;)
A Compliment!

the m...mouse
This tale sounds like something that should be given to the NewsBoys to sing at Acquire the Fire! I think a lot of people can relate to this.

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