Wednesday, July 27, 2005



My youngest is in the USAF and will be heading back to Iraq probably before Christmas - only this time he'll be with an Army Special Operations unit. What the ...???
When he was over there the last time he got pulled onto 'special detail'. Since he was 'fortunate' enough to be on a team that made 'smart bombs' with GPS (global positioning systems) out of our old, just drop em from the sky bombs, they were loading the B-52s in England to bring us "Shock and Awe". Well, our beloved Uncle Sam then had him join a demolitions team (providing security) and recover UXO's (unexploded ordinance) from all over the place 'over there'.
The kicker is - flyboy wasn't supposed to be involved in that sort of thing when he went over to The Gulf. So, what happens when he comes home?Yup, you guessed it. The 1,000 yard stare; can't sleep at night because he can't get the pictures out of his head; two of his buddies killed on ambush that he was supposed to have been on so he's got survivor's guilt; and a host of other BS symptoms that no 22 year old should have to deal with.
So, like the true eagle he is - he rises above the storm by turning into it. He signed up for the toughest training program the armed forces has to offer. Now he's a month away from completing demolitions school then he goes off to HALO (high altitude-low opening) jump school because that's how the Army Special Ops boys get to where they have to go. And what's their precious cargo?
Yup, once again you guessed it - it's flyboy. Only this time, flyboy is their version of MacGuyver with blow em up stuff. They have to go find and disarm the Improvised Explosive Devices before they can be left on the sides of roads, driven into crowded markets or carried onto buses and/or walked into police stations.
I'm proud of my son and pissed at our Uncle Sam.
Your boy seems to be made of pretty tough stuff. Shame he has to waste his power on Uncle Sam´s hopeless task in Iraq. It shouldn´t be like this!
Sam I am,, I am soo sorry about not geting back to you earlier. My hola scan is messed up and not letting me know when I get a comment. I was just going back through all mine and what do ya know you were there. Please come back and post some more, or atleast come pay another visit to me.
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